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Allure Lakefront Suites – Hotel Near Nainital

Many people are today looking to travel to off-beat destinations. There are many off-beat places near Nainital but Khurpatal takes the cake! If you’re looking to stay in a hotel near Nainital, Allure Lakefront Suites & Residences is your best option.

Khurpatal is an easy and short drive from Nainital. Its a tiny village situated on the banks of Khurpatal Lake at a height of 5500 feet. Khurpatal is not crowded like Nainital. People come to Khurpatal for a relaxed and peaceful holiday in the hills. If you’re looking for an offbeat location near Nainital, and you want to surround yourself with natural beauty, then consider staying at Allure Lakefront Suites.

khurpatal lake bird view
Khurpatal Lake Bird’s Eye View

There’s one thing about Khurpatal that completely stands out. Its natural beauty is simply breathtaking. You have a fresh water lake in the middle and its surrounded by lush green mountains. Its even more greener during the monsoons. You won’t be able to imagine that you’re only 10 kms from Nainital. Its a paradise and truly a nature’s gift to mankind!

The weather in Khurpatal is slightly warmer than Nainital. The best time to visit Khurpatal is from October to March. During this time the sun shines bright and the evenings are not so cold like Nainital. The bonfire during these months has a charm of its own. At Allure Lakefront we have a daily evening bonfire and bar-be-que session for all our guests.

Khurpatal has very limited hotel options. In fact there’s no hotel by the lake. Allure Lakefront is the only hotel near Nainital which is located by. the Khurpatal lake. All the rooms at Allure have a balcony that offers a gorgeous lake view. If you’re in Nainital and looking for a hotel nearby then come and stay. at Allure Lakefront Suites. Our staff will pamper you like a king.

Hotels Khurpatal Hotel Stay in Khurpatal

Hotels in Nainital Near the Lake

Nainital, a picturesque hill town in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand is extremely popular among tourists from all over India. The hill-station, situated at a height of about 6500 feet boasts of a fresh water lake. Its the sheer beauty of Naini Lake and the lush green mountains that makes many travel to Nainital. The most popular hotels in Nainital are the one near the lake.

Naini Lake

Hotels in Mall Road, Nainital

The mall road in Nainital has many hotels with different categories. Most people prefer to stay in Nainital by the lake. However, there are only a bunch of hotels in Nainital in the mall road area that have the lake view. Some of the good hotels situated near the lake are Hotel Shivraj and Lakeside Inn. There are many cheap hotels available in the mall road area of Nainital.

If you’re looking for a good hotel, then the VIP area of Mallital is your best bet. The hotels in Mallital are top notch and located near the lake. La Niwasa Hotel is one of the best hotels near the lake offering amazing views and great services. The room rates are also not very high. La Niwasa is an affordable option in Nainital.

la niwasa hotel nainital
La Niwasa Hotel Nainital

Best Hotels

Naini Retreat and Manu Maharani are the best hotels in Nainital. Both the hotels have a lake view. If you’re looking for a high end hotel, then we would highly recommend these two hotels. Manu Maharani is located near the High Court. Naini Retreat is located in the Ayarpatta slopes. The lake is easily accessible from the hotels.

Allure Lakefront Residences Near Nainital

Allure Lakefront Suites, Khurpatal

If you wish to stay in a hotel near Naini Lake, then Allure Lakefront Residences is a great option. Allure is situated by the lake in Khurpatal. Khurpatal is only a 20 minutes drive from Nainital. Allure Lakefront Suites is a great destination for those looking to stay near Nainital.


Allure Lakefront Suites – Holiday Near Nainital

Allure Balcony Suite
View From the Balcony Suite

Allure Lakefront Suites is the only property in Khurpatal which is situated at the edge of the Khurpatal lake. Most hotels in Khurpatal are located away from the lake, but Allure boasts of a spectacular lake front location. At Allure Lake Front, you can enjoy beautiful views of the lake and the mountains from your exclusive suite. Our staff will pamper you further with our warm hospitality and some delicious Kumaoni Food.

Allure Lake Front was designed as a residence property offering one and two bedroom condo suites by the lake. Since Khurpatal Lake is only 10 kms from Nainital, it was designed for some of the elite residents of Nainital. So that they could enjoy a peaceful and serene holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the town. 

Allure Lakefront Suites was converted into an exclusive lake front property by their respective owners in 2021. At Allure, we currently have 6 lake view rooms, and the property will further expand to offer 19 rooms by September, 2021. A Lake-side Cafe and a swimming pool will be added by March 2022.

While Nainital stands out as a more popular location for tourists, our guests prefer us for our beautiful scenic views and the peace that surrounds Khurpatal. When you’re at Allure, you’re in a relaxed mode and in your own sweet little world. if you’re looking for a hotel near Nainital, Khurpatal is your ideal getaway and Allure is your perfect holiday home.

We opened in March 2021 and we are already popular in the Nainital area not just because of our gorgeous location but also because of the service we offer to our guests. Come to Allure Lakefront and allow us to make your stay not just comfortable but so memorable that you would love to come back to us in Khurpatal. Contact us and we will be happy to book a lake-view room for you!